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Lake Conroe Forest Owners Association

Important Announcement: Road Construction

The City of Conroe has requested that we have a point of contact on the Board to coordinate information during the Phase I roadwork. Therefore, we have fulfilled that request. See contact below

They have assured us there will be communication as to where and when street blockages will occur – along with alternate routes when necessary. Work has already begun on Commanche doing ditch and culvert work. This is the first of many infrastructure improvements that will be made in the various phases of this project. The identification of our old gas, water, sewer lines, etc., has been difficult due to the age of the subdivision, the multiple entities involved, and is ongoing. This has created delays in the process.

The city has also advised us there may be excess fill dirt from time to time and are offering it to our subdivision and residents free of charge. This will only involve dropping the fill at the site requested and does not include moving and/or spreading – that is the residents’ responsibility. Excess fill will first be dropped in LCF parks where needed, followed by individual property owner requests.

The Board can be contacted at for the following:

  • Report any problems like broken lines or issues. 

  • Questions about progress.

  • Request fill, providing name of property owner, complete address (not lot and block) and contact information (phone/text/email). Please indicate approximately how much fill requested by cubic yards. (A dump truck holds between 10-14 cubic yards)

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